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The activity of Gastronomy Somasca is based on 50 years of skills, to "make" gastronomy in respect of Quality , the real one, which comes from the long experience of its founders. Experience that year after year has allowed the processing of raw materials of the best quality , all prepared with passion and offered in an inimitable range of products in which the 'classic' patas, lasagna and Russian salad are flanked by new flavors in compliance with the highest quality standards .

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Quality in food is the first characteristic that a customer is looking for. This quality starts from a scrupulous knowledge relating to all the aspects characterizing the raw materials, the production and packaging processes.

To achieve these objectives, our production plant adopts the I.F.S. Global Market Food , i.e. a quality and health and safety management system recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative of CIES, the international organization in which almost 500 international brands and producers participate.