Gastronomia Somasca has taken the form of a modern corporate structure able to serve large and local retailers, , keeping alive the traditional quality and taking advantage of the continuous technological progress and innovation that allows impeccable hygiene and quality standards; the recent entry of a group of young .

To the future

The business has further expanded with the contribution of his son Guido and the company has been further enlarged to accommodate the growing demand for large retailers and organized distribution

Higher and higher

Teodoro , with the irreplaceable contribution of his wife Pia, further expanded the venue by creating a company that employs a dedicated group of collaborators, some of whom are linked to the activity to be over 30 years.

Success and new HQ

The exponential growth of the business means that the company expands and is moved to its current location, in Desio , the heart of the industrious Brianza.

The Beginning

Father and son, Siro and Teodoro Somasca begin in a small workshop under the house assisted by their mother Emilia.